• What are the main features of the BOXLAB service?

    With BOXLAB you can:

    -  create 3D mockup with any dimensions, view angles, opening/closing of the package, rotation, etc.

    - create packaging drawings and use them to create design layouts and cut-out stamps

    - upload the final image in JPG and PNG format (without background)

    - download the drawings in PDF, SVG, DXF and JPG format

  • What file formats are supported?

    You can upload a design layout in JPG, PNG and GIF formats. PNG format (with transparency) must be used to upload design layouts of embossing and UV varnish.

    You can save the result in JPEG and PNG formats, please note that the uploaded PNG file will have a transparent background.

    You can save the drawing in PDF, SVG, DXF and JPG formats. PDF, SVG and DXF formats are available only in paid plans and free models marked "FREE"

  • Can I immediately use the packaging drawings to make punching dies?

    We do not know what kind of material you are using, so before we strongly recommend that you make a sample for testing, for example, using a laser cutting machine or a cutting plotter.

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